Choose a protein supplement – Protein Shakes Guide – Pros and Cons included

protein shake productProteins supplements come in different ingredients depending on the manufacturer of every particular product. Go to your local health food store and you will find a dozen of different supplements that will spoil you of choice. Online stores are the most confusing because they have a greater number of these products and it will be more difficult to select a single supplement from them. All manufacturers claim to have the best product and they will market them pointing out the ingredients used. It really depends on your goals, for example women may want to see Protein Shakes for Women – Ultimate Guide and that may not be the case for men that are looking for best protein shakes and powders. So they can look at the 5 ways to pick a good protein powder from

Getting the best protein shakes

Some protein supplements are made of less than three ingredients when others will have over 20 ingredients. There are still other factors that determine the type of proteins that a person should buy, which are low-fat, vegetarian, sugar-free and the sources that can be from vegetables or animals.

So, how will you settle on the right protein supplement for you? You will need to understand what you need from using the supplement. Some of us take it to boost our energy when doing workouts so that our muscles can carry on comfortably, while others will buy them to suppress their appetites and assist them in losing weight. You can even buy the protein supplements for health purposes where you may be needed to take food that has a certain amount of protein.

Strengthening and Building Muscle

protein shake wheyNot all types of proteins will help you achieve an increase in muscle mass or make your muscles stronger. There is a specific kind of protein with essential amino acids that when taken will help in stimulate muscle production. The protein supplements that contain amino acids are those that come from animals for instant egg proteins, whey, and casein. Soy protein also has a good amount of amino acids.

When You Want To Lose Fat

If your aim is to lose weight, you will need to shop for protein supplements that are low in carbohydrates and fat. They have low caloric content. If you are doing workouts, you will need proteins that will increase your metabolism like whey. When on a mission to lose weight you will want to avoid eating too much. You can achieve this by taking supplements that make you fill satisfied with food and an example is soy protein. Take both and you will achieve a lot in losing weight, and remember that the dose you use is critical. For all the nutrients you take, always ensure that calories you get from protein range between 20 and 25 percent because that is what is recommended for optimum health.

Test the Market

Protein supplements are available in different types and flavors. In that case, you will need to test a few before you settle on the right products that you will be using. You may hate a supplement when you try it for the first time but that should not be a problem because you can spice it with chocolate or cinnamon.  Vegetarians have a variety of options in pea proteins, rice hemp and casein. Maybe as a vegetarian you want to try out some of these healthy recipes so look here and here.

You can take a number of protein supplements that serves the purpose you are buying them for, and keep interchanging them and you will avoid becoming bored.

Pros and Cons of Protein powder for womenprotein shakes for women

Protein powder has been known to develop lean muscle mass, develop fat loss, gain muscle and improve metabolic activity. Taken as a form of supplement and mostly in mixed in a drink (a shake). However, continued use without good prescriptions, can have adverse effects.

Pros (Advantages)

Women whether active or not, can benefit from drinking shakes. For those who love working-out in the gym as/with their male counterparts can take the supplement for various reasons. They include:

  1. Losing weight

Obesity and weight gain possess the need to lose weight. Weight gain can be because of accumulation of fat in the body. For active women, using supplements yields great results in weight reduction through fat loss. High- quality supplements have the ability to improve the body’s metabolism of any individual. It helps in losing weight, because the human beings spends substantive energy processing protein as a result causing the body to burn more calories- fat loss. Research studies show that fat people lose fat when they take a shake as a meal replacement, thus burning calories.

  1. Gaining muscles

Active women whose main objective is gaining muscles are great beneficiaries of taking protein shakes. Toning the muscles means losing extra fat and gaining muscles. Daily intake of 0.2-0.4 grams recommended for gaining lean muscles. Muscle mass is important particularly to women because as they become older, the risk of suffering from Osteoporosis and bone problems increases. Daily activities and eating right nutrients are enough, though if objective is to gain muscle, drinking a shake will do wonders.

  1.  Gain strength

Gain of muscles also means gaining strength. Active women who regularly work require digestible proteins for the construction and repair of muscle fibers, which tear during training periods. This supplement provides the best alternative since they are easily digestible.

Sarcopenia, a natural loss of muscle and Osteoporosis that comes with aging, are some of the diseases women face. Taking protein can yield great benefits in terms of averting diseases experienced.

Cons (Disadvantages)

Protein-powder, as we have seen can yield great benefit too, because they easy to digest, portable, and convenient. However, they too can cause other unfavorable effects to the body.

  1. Health problems

As a normal person would eat sufficient proteins, taking supplements means too much in the body. This is dangerous as it might increase the risk of heart (elevated heart disease), kidney (kidney stones) complications and other nutrient deficiencies. Apart from that, exceeding daily intake poses the danger of gaining weight, high blood cholesterol, risks of cancer and osteoporosis.

  1. Unwanted muscle mass

For women, having bulky bodies is not one of their best options. Protein-powder tends to increase the body mass, while at the same time toning the muscles.

  1. Imbalanced nutrition

A balanced diet is helpful to the functioning of the body. Too much protein can cause a failure to provide other nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

  1. Due to metabolism changes- burning of more fat, possess a danger of getting Ketosis and putting the body into a pre-diabetic position.

How to select the right massage table that suits your needs

BEST MASSAGE TABLENow-a-days, many people choose massage to relieve stress and remove tiredness. Instead of going to spa center, many people choose to have a massage table in their home or office.

This article guides you step by step to select a massage table. But it doesn’t make sense to know how to choose the product if you can’t really compare various items and see which one is the best. Fortunately it isn’t a problem, you can check top 5 best massage tables in 2014 which will definitely help you to grab the right item. The comparison is really useful and you can learn a lot about features so don’t miss out on it. You may also feel like this article isn’t enough and you would like to research more which is totally ok. Here is great source for choosing the right model of massage table that we recommend checking out.

  1. Make a plan

At first you should imagine, think and plan about your practice and how you will be using the table.

  1.  Stick to your budget

You should figure a budget with comfortable and stick to it. Consider all involve cost such as shipping, accessories etc. You may find a package that includes all of things.

  1. Portable or Stationary

If you decided to visit client’s homes or office to offer service, buying a portable massage table is recommended. Portable massage table is light weight and can be easily moved. That is ideal for those who prefer to visit the client’s home and travel frequently. It is also easy to assemble and transport due to folding design.

  1. Foam Thickness

If you think about client’s comfort, you need to thick foam massage tables. Generally, therapists choose a table has three inch thick foam. Not only that, the density of foam is also important. For extra comfort, high density foam is necessary. It is no matter type of massage you practice, buy a table has comfortable padding.
People who plan to set up massage clinic, stationary massage tables are for those. These tables are heavy due to added features such as shelf base and cabinet base. Some tables have electric lift for change their height. The support structure and framework of stationary tables are harder than portable tables.

  1. Width of the Massage Bed

For comfortable, make sure that your massage table has a wider bed. In average for a man 28 inch wide bed is enough. If your client is athlete or overweight people who is taller in size, choose a 30-33 inch wide table is recommended. Another point is that, wider bed increase table weight, making it difficult to move from one place to another. So, in case of mobile service, choose a portable massage table with 25-26 inch bed width.

  1. Table Length

The standard length of most of the massage tables are 73 inches. Short length tables are also available but not suitable for taller clients. You should buy massage table that allow increasing table length. Observations prove that, as the table length increases, weight also increases and longer massage table can decreases portability.

  1. Space and Cost

Portable versions are ideal while space is less. When not in use portable table take little space due to folding design. Portable versions are also inexpensive and quite economical.
On the other hand, stationary massage tables are expensive and require a lot of space. It is also heavy and cannot folded.massage table reviews

  1. Construction

Choose aluminum tables, if you looking for portability because of their extreme lightweight.

On the other hand, for the salon shops you can buy solid wood stationary tables. Stationary tables are hard, strong, and reliable and also have long-lasting durability.

  1. Adjustable Tables

You should choose a massage table comes with adjustable facility. You also should ensure that the tables fulfill the needs of your client. Some clients may want to massage in sitting condition, in such condition, table should have a adjustable back rest.

  1. Type of Massage

It is another important factor which should consider when buying a massage table. If you practice Reiki, your table should fit with Reiki panels. If you perform shiatsu massage you should buy tables that are designed for shiatsu practice.

  1. Accessories

Different accessories such as face cradles, arm support, body cushions, body wedges and bolsters are accessories; they can increase the comfort of your client. So, ensure the buying of these accessories.

  1. Guarantee or warranty

Make sure that your purchase massage table has a guarantee or warranty. It is important to you for future. Ask a lot of questions about how the warranty of guarantee works and if your table needs repairs or replace what you will need to do.

For plenty of information related to massage chairs, tables, recliners and massage-related stuff don’t forget to see at – you won’t regret it.


Best Massage table: a comfy board with exclusive massaging features

When it comes to comfort, a fluent and flourishing body kneading is what that comes into account at the very first look. However, accounting a massaging table will be very conducive in that case. But what if such a bench includes additional qualities besides all the other qualities? Yes people, it’s the Best Massage table we are peering into. This literally is an invention best feasible for a healthy and comfy health manipulation that we are about to talk. This is very appropriate for homely purposes. This product includes some exquisite features, which are detailed below in brief:

  • This thing includes all the necessary sheets and accessories necessary for a very nourishing reflexology.
  • On the lid, it has got 2.5-inch thick foam finishing. Just have a premonition of you lying on the bed on such comfortable floor; doesn’t that feel to be very mollifying?
  • For heavy weighed people, this is capable of withstanding weight greater than average human weight for it is made up of top quality beach timber.
  • In the accessory bag, there are semi circle bolster, fully-fledged cotton sheets towel hanger and oil pouch. These objects are the activating agent for human massaging at a very soothing manner.
  • One of the most important manufacturing features of this creation is that, it comes with a 5 year ascertained warranty. This product contains a bag that can be helpful in case of carrying all the necessary things portably.

At the time of surfing product like this in the Internet, you might find many more but the price of only $70.48 shall certainly make you go towards this one! However, this bench entails all the embellishing qualities that a person needs for a very comfortable therapy at home. Now, you don’t even have to go for a parlor in order to have bodywork but can get it without any hassle and too much cost!